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Meditate with Nariman.
Pause, Recover & Restart 

The place to be your best. Not more. Not less.

To bloom into your full potential and cultivate a fruitful life.

The life you desire and deserve.

So, welcome!

Hello, I am Nariman. Your coach!

Your well being is my peace initiative!

I spent my twenties working on Kurd's rights then on the Syrian peace process. Very, very closely!

Through this rich journey I learned that there is a much deeper peace and freedom. They are beyond one conflict, one identity. Peace and freedom cross all borders, and most importantly our individual borders. 

Inside us is the only place we can truely start to make any change. If we make our internal reality the way we desire our external reality will follow. They become one consistent experience where we thrive.

Personal well being definitely leads to social well-being. This is true peace building!

Meditation helped me manage stress, come to peace, free myself from the pain of the past and the fear of the uncertain future, connect to myself stronger than ever and build my confidence to set boundaries and make the choices that are important to my life.

By meditating daily, recovering from life demands stress becomes faster and effortless.

I am deeply grateful for my life, for being me, free and at peace.

I am a certified 1-Giant Mind meditation teacher! I want to change the world, build peace and freedom through teaching you meditation!


I am originally from the Kurdish mountains in Efrin, Syria. I came to the Netherlands at the end of 2017, as a refugee.

I live happily with my husband. I enjoy organizing and making lists. I love gardening, houseplants, and cooking. I love being in nature. I practice yoga and meditation daily. My name means pomegranate flower, but in some countries it is a man’s name!

Pomegranate reminds me of Kurdish mountains, it is beautiful, full of potential jewels, just like each one of us. Let us uncover those amazing jewels together!

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Change your life forever by learning to meditate and how to build your daily practice. 

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